Yarra Ranges still chasing storm help

Constituency question

October 27, 2021

Tania MAXWELL (Northern Victoria) (12:44):

My constituency question is to the Minister for Local Government (Hon. Shaun Leane MP), and is to ask what funding will be provided by the state government to the Yarra Ranges to help recovery efforts following the storm that hit the community in the middle of this year.

It is more than four months since the significant storm event damaged 135 homes, leaving 74 of them uninhabitable. The estimated cost of storm recovery is $65 million, and I am concerned by reports that council has only received $3.5 million to date by way of support.

There are multiple issues with telecommunications across the affected area, and there is a lot of work to do in collecting green waste, road rehabilitation and helping residents clean up ahead of the fire season. This community needs assurance and a flow of funds to support their recovery efforts.

Cover image: The Guardian 2021