Strathbogie sees rail precinct prospect

Strathbogie council seeks Victorian government support for planning, funding and timing Euroa railway precinct redevelopment

Butting out Victoria's illegal tobacco trade

I've recommended improvements to state regulations aimed at stopping Victoria's illicit and criminal tobacco trade

Justice Party MPs oppose Parliament shutdown

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party parliamentarians today opposed the Victorian government’s shutdown of the Legislative Council

Operations costs fuel fire levy blow-out

The government must cut the massive running costs of Fire Services Victoria to reel in fire property levy blow-outs

Activating Lake Eildon's economy

After a $150,000 contribution to planning costs, I asked the Regional Development Minister about steps to activate Lake Eildon's economy

Passport cancellation disrupts paedophile traffic

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party is protecting the lives of innocent children as passports are cancelled

Ambulance ramping threatens healthcare

I do not expect to be happily surprised by the latest ambulance response time data

Court backlogs delay justice

I asked the Attorney General about the impact of court backlogs and the cost to justice

Alpine business needs insurance certainty

Since the 2020 bushfires, alpine business fire insurance has become unaffordable

Time for border common sense

I've again asked the government to engage with border and rural communities and recognise places-without-cases

Let's look local in Homelessness Week

I've asked the Treasurer if he will confirm funding for local initiatives to keep young people from homelessness in the 2022 budget

Help improve our criminal justice system

The criminal justice system inquiry now underway in Victoria is the broadest in 30 years. The inquiry provides an clear opportunity for people in rural and regional communities to influence change.

Delay limits Echuca housing development

I've asked the Planning Minister to expedite to Campaspe Shire's planning scheme changes and free up land for housing

Strengthening child protection laws

Victoria's child protection laws need to be continually strengthened

Prison staff safety should be a priority

I've asked the Workplace Safety Minister what's being done to ensure staff safety in Victoria's prisons

Kiewa CFA seeks 'first-responder' pilot

Kiewa CFA wants to pilot first-aid responses to serious incidents, and I've asked the government to consider this proposal.

Sex offenders near schools must be monitored

I'm outraged that convicted sex offenders can work on school grounds. How can this be allowed and how are offenders monitored?

Hit-and-run laws need hard fix

Police should have the power to suspend driver licences immediately someone's charged for hit-and-run and dangerous traffic offences

Protecting sentencing and bail reforms

I've sought the Attorney-General's guarantee that bail reform will not relax community safety laws

Event sector suffers devastating losses

Many people working in COVID-cancelled events are ineligible for government support and future planning is at risk from insurance costs