Mandatory vax order challenges local business

I asked if government support will be made available to businesses forced to close because of vaccine-hesitant staff

Regional media deserves COVID recovery support

Northern Victoria's 50-plus regional newspapers and other media deserve to be eligible for COVID hardship funding

Seymour petitions for on-call ambulance comeback

I've tabled petitions from almost 1100 citizens calling for on-call ambulance services to be restored in Seymour

COVID marshals unworkable for builders

The government's new rule for a COVID marshal at all times on every building site is simply impossible

Reverse prisoner COVID-19 sentence discounts

Pandemic-related discounts applied to prison sentences for violent or sexual offenders should be reversed

Court blacklogs don't justify sentence discounts

Courts could implement rapid testing and resume jury trials instead of relieving backlogs with sentence breaks

Event recovery taskforce essential

I've asked the Small Business Minister to establish a strategic taskforce to speed post-lockdown event sector recovery

Supporting counsellors in schools

I welcome more mental health support in schools, where early intervention is critical to achieving better outcomes for kids

Boundary communities need tourism funds

Rural area city-boundary communities like Whittlesea need a good slice of Victoria's strategic tourism development funds

Give Murray Basin Rail some traction

Whether or not the Suburban Rail Loop represents value, vital transport projects need funding beyond the city, too

Family violence offences jump 18 per cent

In Victoria every year more than 34,000 incidents of family violence occur where a child is present, putting them at risk

Put places-without-cases on COVID road-map

Today I encouraged the Premier to put places-without-cases on the COVID road-map he's releasing on September 19.

Resourcing regional paramedic demand

I've again questioned the state government about its commitment to improving ambulance staffing and response times in Northern Victoria

Remembering 9/11

September 11 still ignites incredible sadness as each anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks in America passes

Improving Midland Link road safety

I've questioned when the government will complete Benalla-to-Mansfield road safety works

Teacher trauma training could transform learning

Recognising and addressing the learning needs of children impacted by trauma can be transformational for students and teachers

Maintaining parole conditions interstate

Alicia Little's family wants driver who caused her death kept off the road wherever he lives

Expand roadside drug-test training

Expanded roadside drug-driver testing could prevent 46 fatal crashes and 134 serious injury crashes every year

Youth justice violence demands review

I've asked the Workplace Safety Minister if it's time for a formal review of youth justice centre violence and assault

Outbreak response shows Shepparton's resolve

The Shepparton community again demonstrated gold standard care for residents during the city's recent outbreak