Vote defeats public agency scrutiny

Last week I was prevented by just one vote from giving Parliament and government power to review equal opportunity compliance by public agencies

Bring Sunshine to North East rail passengers

Broadmeadows in 2053 or Sunshine link now for airport-bound North East Rail passengers? That's the question.

Victims' experience can bring telling reform

I've asked the Family Violence Prevention Minister to meet victims to inform the coercive control review I put to the government

Wallan opposes quarry, Minister

There's a strong community voice against a quarry in Wallan, so how will the Planning Minister consider that view?

Government should boost regional media spend

Regional media deserves a better share of government advertising revenue to support local journalism

Equal the opportunity to see fire services' review

I've asked the Emergency Services Minister to ensure workplace transparency and publish fire services review

Justice and victim advocacy

I am proud to put justice, community and advocacy for victims of crime at the heart of my work

Thank you, and season's greetings

I thank Parliament and its staff for supporting us in the work that we do

Fire Rescue overtime questioned

Fire Rescue Victoria staff do a vital job, but overtime costs appear blowing out

Flying Doctor makes memories happen

I've asked the Victorian government to support the 'Memory Lane' palliative care program

Growth strains Wangaratta sewerage

A 45 per cent increase in Wangaratta water and sewerage connection approvals strains system capacity

Remembrance Day's memory-keepers

From the Armistice at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 1918, we became the memory-keepers of a collective experience

Breaking 'invisible chains'

I'm confident the government will review how the courts consider coercive control after my speech about this abhorrent behaviour

Put Murray Basin Rail back on track

Why won't Victoria accept the federal government's $5 million to complete Murray Basin rail project planning?

Why we oppose the pandemic bill

Derryn Hinch's Justice Party MPs last night spoke against the Labor government's new pandemic management bill

Helping the hidden victims of crime

I've asked for a review of assistance claims for Michelle Skewes' children previously rejected by Victoria's Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

Protection key to aged care serious incident reporting

Victoria must ensure a robust, rapid reporting system for abuse in aged care, where it provides almost 90 per cent of care facilities in regional areas

Mildura needs a dedicated drug court

I've asked the Attorney-General if work is underway to establish a drug court in Mildura

Child safety at the heart of 'Day for Daniel'

Friday, October 29 is 'Day for Daniel', honouring the memory of Daniel Morcombe and promoting child safety

Yarra Ranges still chasing storm help

Yarra Ranges communities are still looking for recovery funding following massive storm damage in June 2021