Victims deserve right to review

I give notice that, on the next day of meeting, I will move — That this House — 1. notes —

a) the enduring and traumatic impact that crime has on victims;

b) that victims often feel failed by our justice system when they have no right to seek a review of decisions made by prosecutors in order to agree or oppose a sentence indication;

2. recognises that —

a) Right to Review schemes operate in other jurisdictions including the United Kingdom and Scotland;

b) the Victorian Law Reform Commission recommended in 2016 and 2021 that victims should have the right to review certain decisions by the Director of Public Prosecutions;

c) the Victims of Crime Commissioner supports a system of review akin to the scheme operating in the United Kingdom and Scotland;

d) the Queensland Government taskforce recently proposed a similar Right to Review scheme for victim survivors of sexual violence; and

3. calls on the Government to commit to a Right to Review scheme for victims of crime in Victoria. — See my speech: February 8, 2022