QWON – Thomas Embling

My question is to the Attorney-General,
Attorney: triple murderer, Peko Lakovski, has again recently been granted leave from Thomas Embling Hospital (even after having killed two people while also previously on a program of leave).  It is bewildering enough that the Forensic Leave Panel deemed it acceptable that someone sentenced to two separate 25-year terms would be allowed back into the community. 
However, to make matters even worse, this offender (like so many before him) was also again released with his victims’ family members not being officially informed and instead learning of this highly confronting news from media reports.   
Attorney, I ask: when will the Government overhaul this archaic, deeply insensitive process that offers victims and their families absolutely no advice from the State on when offenders are about to be allowed back into the community from Thomas Embling? 


Thank you, Attorney.
I begin my supplementary question by observing that the news of Lakovski’s release comes not long after Victorians learned that double-murderer Ross Konidaris was also allowed leave from Thomas Embling in 2019 – only to commit a shocking spate of crimes whilst on such leave. 

More broadly, the detailed Catalyst Consortium study of October 2020 indicates that more than 20% of people offend again following conditional release or absolute discharge to the community from Thomas Embling.

Attorney: particularly bearing in mind that even serial killers are being allowed back into the community from this facility, can you explain to me who in the Government or any of its agencies is held accountable (and how) when the granting of leave to anyone from Thomas Embling results in them committing further crime?