I tabled a petition signed by 999 people which, together with an e-petition tabled in February, totalled 1062 citizens calling for on-call ambulance services to be restored in Seymour, on behalf of resident Tony Hubbard.


The petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws the attention of the Legislative Council to: –

  • the need for equitable services to respond to the health needs of regional Victorians, regardless of where they live;
  • the existence of four ambulances at Seymour station but the rostering of only one crew overnight, and the absence of an on-call service should the crew be deployed to another area, including Melbourne; and
  • the impact of this practice, that leaves residents vulnerable and without an available ambulance response within the 15-minute code 1 response target.

The petitioners, therefore, request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to restore on-call ambulance services in addition to current resourcing in Seymour.