Passport cancellation disrupts paedophile traffic

Member statement

August 5, 2021

Ms MAXWELL (Northern Victoria) (10:44): I am proud of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party protecting the lives of innocent children as the passports of registered paedophiles are cancelled by the federal government.

In 2017 Derryn Hinch successfully negotiated with the federal government a plan to ban passports for registered child sex offenders and refuse applications. It was a world first, and since this time almost 1000 child sex offenders have been denied passports. The sexual abuse and exploitation of children happens around the world for the filthy and perverted gratification of a large audience.

The substantial extent that Australian citizens are involved in child sex tourism is disgusting. These offenders live among us, and while the pandemic has interrupted international travel throughout COVID, the dirty trade of child sex abuse has exploded further online. It is a war on multiple fronts with thousands upon thousands of young victims.

It is disturbing that nearly 350 warnings were sent to overseas police forces about Australian paedophiles who were travelling overseas during 2019. This important work to protect children must continue, and I am proud our party was involved in such a significant step to circumvent the travel of paedophiles to particularly vulnerable countries.