I give notice that, on the next day of meeting, I will move —

That this House —

(1) recognises that people who become a victim of crime due to the murder of a loved family member or friend —

(a)   suffer ongoing trauma that requires continued access to mental health counselling;

(b)   should not be required to participate in ongoing psychological testing to substantiate their claims;

(c)   should receive access to support services, including counselling, that is comprehensive and is not curtailed suddenly and/or unexpectedly;

(2) endorses the improved resourcing and administration of victim support services such that they may —

(a)   provide ongoing support to victims of crime and their families in a timely manner, with minimal wait lists; and

(b)   be effectively staffed and funded in order to ensure that they are genuinely responsive and practically meet the needs of victims of crime and their families.