I give notice that, on the next day of meeting, I will move —

That this House —

  1. recognises that many Victorians fail to appear when due to attend court;
  2. notes that despite the fact that some of these people who fail to attend are already in custody in prison or on remand, they are still not successfully transported to court;
  3. acknowledges the additional trauma typically caused to victims of crime when offenders fail to attend a scheduled court appearance, particularly for sentencing;
  4. reaffirms the importance of placing the needs of victims of crime, and their families and friends, ahead of the interests of offenders;
  5. calls on the Government to strengthen its policies and procedures so that it is more difficult and ill-advised for offenders to avoid or refuse to attend court, especially those –

(a) who are already on remand or in prison;

(b) whose requirement to appear has been scheduled well in advance of the relevant date and time.