Restrictions across the borders into New South Wales and South Australia continue to impact the lives of tens of thousands of people across Northern Victoria.

Over the last eight weeks, we’ve seen instances where changes to permits were imposed without 24 hours notice, valid permits were cancelled overnight and health clinicians, students, teachers, farmers, businesses and the general public were left flummoxed and uncertain about their eligibility.

The economy of Albury-Wodonga suffered a $100 million hit in the last two months alone, which has been forecast to exceed $300 million by Christmas. This is just one border community out of the vast number within my electorate of Northern Victoria. It is the largest cross border regional centre, but every cross border community is being impacted in some way. Some recent announcements of changes for both borders give us a sliver of hope that our neighbouring governments are finally understanding how cross border communities operate and depend on each other.

Common sense needs to prevail and those needing to cross borders for genuine reasons should be able to do so.