Northeast Victoria is still recovering from the 2019-2020 bushfires which devastated many farming properties and is still having an impact on these farming community’s livelihoods.

Volunteer organisations who are still working tirelessly to help with the recovery are the unsung heroes. I recently became aware of a member of the Benalla Rotary Group, Mr Alan Stafford who has led a team of Rotarians into the Corryong region over the previous winter months, working on re-fencing many properties impacted by these horrendous bushfires. Alan has been volunteering for many years including after the 2009 Black Saturday fires and the 2013 fires around Boho and Warrenbayne.

Thousands of dollars were raised by local Benalla volunteer groups and individuals to purchase equipment including a large tractor equipped with a post rammer, an ATV, four fencing equipped trailers and a troop carrier to transport the volunteers to and from these fencing jobs.

I would like to thank the Benalla Volunteer Groups, Rotary, Uniting Church and the CWA for all the work they have done in helping farmers in the Corryong area get back on their feet, but also to all the volunteer organisations across my electorate for the wonderful work they do.