3 February 2021

Tania Maxwell MP has asked the Attorney-General, Jaclyn Symes, to clarify and release the findings of any formal evaluations of the Fast Track Remand Court (FTRC).

The Fast Track Remand Court operates as part of the Children’s Court of Victoria.  Since the FTRC’s establishment in 2017, its central aims have been to deal in a timely way with the criminal charges of children held on remand – and, where necessary, to help organise their engagement in education and other rehabilitation programs.

Ms Maxwell said her question in Parliament yesterday stems from the fact that there is currently very little information on the public record about the FTRC’s work. Ms Maxwell said she hoped that detailed independent evaluations or assessments would be available in relation to the court’s activities.

Ms Maxwell said that her question also follows the absence, in any of the Department of Justice’s annual reports from 2017-18 onwards, of any mention of the court.

Quotes attributable to Tania Maxwell:


“It is essential that court and justice procedures are thoroughly evaluated as to their effectiveness.”

“It’s certainly not always a bad thing for a court or program within the justice system to be operating without there being much fanfare attached to it. That can sometimes be reflective of the fact that it is working well, however it isn’t clear whether that’s the case in relation to the Fast Track Remand Court or not.”