2 September 2020

Tania Maxwell MP has spoken in the Victorian Parliament about the death of Kyneton woman Alicia Little in 2017, after the man responsible for her death was released from prison last week.

Alicia Little died on 28 December 2017, leaving behind a heartbroken family including four children.  Alicia sustained critical injuries after being crushed against a water tank by the car her fiancé, Charles McKenzie Evans, was driving.  Her injuries were horrific and, despite efforts by attending paramedics and police, she did not survive.

Mr Evans was subsequently charged with murder, which was downgraded under a plea bargain to dangerous driving causing death and one count of failing to render assistance after a motor vehicle accident.

Mr Evans walked free last week, after serving a two and half year non-parole sentence, and Ms Maxwell said she was sickened by footage of the offender at the airport showing complete disregard for his role in Alicia’s death.

Ms Maxwell said that, despite the rest of Victorians being unable to cross borders with ease, Mr Evans was paroled to New South Wales and freely left the State.

Ms Maxwell said she was in regular contact with Alicia’s family and wanted to acknowledge in Parliament the loss of Alicia’s life and the ongoing grief of her family.

Alicia’s death is now the subject of a coronial inquiry.

Quotes attributable to Tania Maxwell MP:

 Alicia’s family continues to be devastated by her death, compounded by their feeling that justice was not served.”

“The lack of remorse and responsibility shown by Mr Evans is completely abhorrent.”

“The main reason I ran for Parliament was to fight for the rights of victims of crime and their families.”