‘Lost Petition’ defines our goal

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Member’s statement

That brings me to the ‘Lost Petition’, which is in Queen’s Hall (in Parliament) this week, and I would like to give an enormous shout-out to and thank the artist, Dans Bain, for bringing this petition to the Parliament and for highlighting the number of names that are on that petition, which is so significant. It really brings it close to your heart when you actually see names of people who are on a petition like that, so thank you very much, Dans, for the work that you have been doing.

I also wanted to highlight that the way in which we can eradicate family violence is through the same ways that I have always preached: investment in early intervention and primary prevention.

I look forward to visiting Queen’s Hall today to see Dans’s work. So thank you, Dans, for bringing that here.

Dans Bain’s Lost Petition