11 February 2021

Tania Maxwell, Member for Northern Victoria has asked the Government to consider initiating a maximum length of vehicles permitted on the Black Spur, following yet another serious incident on the road.

On 18 January, a long tanker, unable to stay in its lane because of the vehicle’s length, pushed an oncoming car into an embankment.

Ms Maxwell has repeatedly raised safety problems regarding the Black Spur, and said that incidents like this continue to concern local residents and tourists who use the route.

Ms Maxwell said it should be straightforward to determine the maximum length for vehicles to be able to travel along this narrow road without impinging onto the oncoming lane and putting other road users at risk.  To support this measure, associated safety devices such as signage and a turnaround area should also be considered.

Following a community meeting and Ms Maxwell raising concerns in Parliament in 2019, the Government committed $2.286 million to immediately improve the road including curve warning signage, guide posts, line markings and barriers.

Ms Maxwell said she would continue to work with locals to advocate for measures to improve safety on the Black Spur road.

Quotes attributable to Tania Maxwell:


“This is a busy and narrow road and thankfully this incident didn’t result in a fatality, but it easily could have.”

“We need to ensure there is appropriate access for everyone that needs it, but also that all measures to improve safety are considered.”