Is the Albury-Wodonga Regional Deal on track?

Constituency question

October 14, 2021

Tania Maxwell (Northern Victoria, 15:42):

My constituency question is to the Minister for Regional Development (Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas MP) regarding the Albury-Wodonga Regional Deal.

The Albury-Wodonga Regional Deal was announced in 2019 and touted as a game-changer for this cross-border community.

The deal should deliver opportunities to streamline planning between the two communities – public transport is just one example.  Different state laws and party politics on each side of the border can complicate cross-border services.  Throw in the overlay of federal politics, and it is no wonder a formalised deal is needed.

A Statement of Intent was agreed between the three levels of government in 2020, but nothing seems to have progressed since.

And so I ask the Minister: can she advise when the Victorian government will formally sign off on the Albury-Wodonga Regional Deal?