Intervention order trauma

Constituency question

My constituency question is to the Attorney General (Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP) on behalf of Conor Pall.  Conor wrote to the Attorney in January and received a response from the Department (of Justice) this week.

Conor and his family spent months getting a final intervention order in place to protect himself, his mother and his younger brother. After 14 adjournments this was granted three months before Conor’s eighteenth birthday. Once he turned 18, after a breach, he discovered there was a special condition that removed him from the family order and he had to begin the long and traumatic process again to obtain a fresh order – all while trying to complete his year 12 VCE studies.

Intervention orders made as a family order automatically transition to an individual order once an affected family member turns 18, unless they choose to apply for its removal. So I ask the Attorney-General, what will the government do to reduce this burden and stress from the plates of a young survivor like Conor?