Girgarre brings botanic garden vision to life

Member statement

It was my absolute pleasure to attend and speak at the opening of the Gargarro Botanic Garden in Girgarre.

The Girgarre community really lives up to its motto of ‘small town, big spirit’. That spirit was fully evident in the way this community developed its vision, planning and fundraising to bring the Gargarro Botanic Garden to fruition. This project aims to be an exemplar regional botanic garden that reflects the dry landscapes of the Campaspe region with indigenous flora in a setting that will be functional for the community, a beautiful tourist spot for visitors and a place for social connection, relaxation and discovery. This was a great opportunity for me to meet and chat with local residents, and I congratulate Athol McDonald, Jan Winter, Doug Gray, the steering committee members of the Girgarre Development Group and the local community, who all contributed their time, thoughts and money to planning what will be a magnificent landscape as the stages of this project progress. A special mention goes out for the impressive work of landscape architect TCL, who converted the vision of the community into a practical design, and I encourage everyone to get online and view their video, which shows how this project will unfold. Make sure too that you plan a trip to experience the Gargarro Botanic Garden, Girgarre and the wider Campaspe shire for yourself.