Emergency alerts and digital blackspots

Constituency question

My question to the Emergency Services Minister is about official notifications sent during emergency situations. 

I am still receiving reports from concerned residents in my electorate about this issue, more than a year after the disastrous bushfires in Northern Victoria.

Towns such as Bright and Beechworth are heavily reliant on tourism. On sweltering days, thousands flock to the centre of Bright to enjoy a swim and the splashpark but given the poor mobile reception, if there were an emergency you’d be lucky to receive the text, let alone be able to open the URL for specific advice.

Similarly, the main road in and out of Beechworth has a mobile phone blackspot that poses the same problem and these pockets of poor connectivity are spread across Northern Victoria.

Across my region, internet can be unreliable at the best of times, so I ask the Minister if the Government will review the system for emergency warnings to include more detail in the text? 

  • Cover photo with Bruce Hore, Secretary of Bright & District Chamber of Commerce