Constituency question- Fruit fly

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My constituency question is for the Minister for Agriculture regarding the highly successful Goulburn Murray Queensland Fruit Fly program.

This award-winning program has activated more than 3000 volunteers, reduced QFly numbers by 83 per cent and removed more than 93,000 unwanted fruit trees in this region that is significant to our agricultural output.

Local producers are despairing at the lack of seasonal workers, which leaves market-ready fruit poised to drop and rot, further increasing the risk of QFly.

The Cobram and District Fruit Growers Association says that the entire fruit fly program is at threat without government support that maintains a focus on the management of existing QFly in tandem with exotics.

My question is will the Minister urgently meet with the Cobram and District Fruit Growers Association to discuss this crisis threatening our horticulture industry?