Chiltern CFA need a new fire station

Constituency question

May 12, 2022

My constituency question is to the Minister for Emergency Services (Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP) on behalf of the Chiltern community.

The Chiltern fire brigade is a busy, vital emergency service of more than 100 members, proudly supported by the community.

The brigade is under significant pressure to expand its premises. The current motor room does not meet occupational health and safety requirements – the building is too small for modern vehicles and too small for the safe movement of personnel. The meeting room, which also doubles as the CFA Local Command Facility, is very cramped and diesel fumes in the building are a concern.

A local landowner has offered to donate a parcel of land in Chiltern to establish a co-located Ambulance station and Chiltern fire brigade. CFA, Ambulance Victoria, Indigo Shire and Vicroads have discussed the establishment of the new site, and CFA has appointed a consultant to undertake a feasibility study.

So my question to the Minister is, will the government commit to providing the necessary funding of approximately $2million to establish a new facility for the Chiltern Fire Brigade?

Photo: With Chiltern CFA brigade lieutenant Geoff Perry at Chiltern fire station on April 12, 2022.