Members Statement- Benalla Volunteers

Northeast Victoria is still recovering from the 2019-2020 bushfires which devastated many farming properties and is still having an impact on these farming community’s livelihoods.

Members Statement- Telehealth rural mental health

Recently published research, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, has detailed major barriers that Australian children and their parents face when seeking help for common mental health conditions.

Members Statement – Etsy

I add my voice today to the nearly 37,000 petitioners calling for retailer ‘Etsy’ to stop facilitating the sale of child-abuse themed merchandise through its online platform.

Members Statement- Mansfield Autism Statewide Services

Mansfield Austism Statewide Services (MASS) provide assistance for 300 families from across Victoria. Since 1968 this service has provide a ‘wrap around’ model of care to support children with autism and their families by building skills of independence through a strengths based approach.

Members Statement- Northern Victoria Award Winners

There are great people achieving great things in my electorate of Northern Victoria and today I want to acknowledge some of them.

Speech- Statement on Petition

Thank you, I rise to speak on the petition I tabled yesterday following the stalking-related murder, three weeks ago, of 23 year old Celeste Manno at her Mernda home.  Celeste’s death is another devastating case, among far too many recently in Victoria, of a woman taken absolutely senselessly from our society.

Members Statement – Luke Chilchott

I congratulate Luke Chilcott from Wangaratta on receiving a gold medal of bravery by The Royal Humane Society of Australasia, presented by the Victorian Governor.

Members Statement- BlazeAid

Blaze Aid was borne out of the ashes of Black Saturday 2009. They are a charity which assists farmers across Australia.

Members Statement- 42k for $42k

People living in the community of Robinvale need to undertake a two-hour round trip to access their nearest mental health service, which often includes time off work and repeat travel as well as the costs of treatment. Luke Benham, born and bred in the area, identified that being 100km from services and resources when you’re not feeling yourself is a real barrier to getting help. Luke set about reducing the burden of mental health in Robinvale and established a fundraiser ‘42K for $42k’.

Members Statement- Year 12 and VCE

I want to send my congratulations and best wishes to all of the Year 12 students across Victoria who attended their final days of school over the past week.