18 February 2021

Tania Maxwell MP, Member for Northern Victoria, is calling on the Government to establish a Drug Court in Mildura in a bid to improve community safety and break the cycle of drug-related offending.

Drug Courts were expanded from Dandenong and Melbourne into the regional areas of Ballarat and Shepparton, as well as into a County Court pilot, in 2020.

A Drug Treatment Order (DTO) can be mandated for offenders who plead guilty, where dependency on drugs and/or alcohol contributed to the commission of the offences and where there is an immediate term of imprisonment not exceeding two years.

Ms Maxwell said the approach, through the Drug Courts, of combining accountability with health support for people suffering from drug addiction was proving successful – and that she was keen to see wider use of the courts in regional areas.

Ms Maxwell said the level of drug addiction and related crime in Mildura demonstrated the need for a Drug Court in this region.

Quotes by Tania Maxwell MP

“Drug Treatment Orders very effectively combine the need for accountability for drug offences with the health support that these offenders frequently require in order to break their addictions.”

“A Drug Court would be of real benefit to Mildura, where drug-related crime and drug addiction is an enduring and very serious problem for the community.”