Entries by Tania Maxwell

Budget Papers 2019-2020

When legislation is considered by the Legislative Council, part of the process is often scrutiny of the Bill in what is termed the Committee stage. At this point, members have the opportunity to ask detailed questions on specific clauses.

Constituency Question – Victim Support

Sadly, I refer the minister to the example of the Chilcott family in Wangaratta. Two people died in their house and four children became orphaned in early 2017 while they were trying to help stop a horrific act of neighbourhood family violence. They face ongoing trauma as they continue to wait for years for any information from the coronial inquest.

Members Statement – Young Achievers & Kyle Michel

The Young Achiever Awards acknowledges the positive achievements of young people throughout Australia. The awards gala Presentation for Victoria was held on 10th May and I am very pleased to congratulate the finalists from the Northern Victoria Region who were recognised for their achievements across a variety of fields but all of which demonstrate vision, commitment, pride and positive role modelling.

Adjournment – REBOOT program

My adjournment matter is directed to the Minister for Corrections, and is about the Government’s administration of the Reboot youth crime prevention program. I should start by acknowledging the ongoing commitment of the Minister and Government to funding a range of initiatives aimed at minimising the proclivity for criminal behaviour among young Victorians. In Reboot’s case, it is a program targeted specifically at 10 to 14 year-old children who have already engaged in low-level offending and/or who pose a potential for further criminal behaviour. It is collaboratively delivered by a number of different agencies. Anglicare leads the work, and is supported by organisations such as Berry Street, Quantum Support Services and local police officers, as well as coaches who work individually with the young participants.

Member Statement – Good Friday Appeal 2019

Each year the Good Friday Appeal provides an opportunity for all Victorians to dig deep in aid of the Royal Children’s Hospital. Last year more than 338,000 children were treated at the hospital’s specialist clinics, they had more than 50,000 admissions and treated more than 86,000 children in emergency.
Many regional families rely on The Royal Children’s Hospital, thousands making the often long and repeated journey for treatment. These regional communities always respond strongly to the call to shake the tin on Good Friday.

Constituency Question – Council Vegetation

My constituency question is to the Minister for Local Government, and is about what seem to be an unusual set of Planning Act and planning scheme requirements applying to some Northern Victorian Councils.
In short, planning schemes in my electorate often state that exemptions for buildings and works carried out by landowners (including Councils) do not extend to the removal of vegetation.

Constituency Question – Yarrawonga

My question is to the Minister for Regional Development. There is presently a divide in Yarrawonga between the Moira Shire (who want to demolish the historic local Community Hall for a library) and many community members (who instead simply want the Community Hall refurbished).