My matter is for the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. It follows the disastrous recent bushfires across the state, including those in my electorate of Northern Victoria, and relates specifically to the current and future resourcing of, and recognition of the concerns of, the CFA brigades who fight such fires. Unfortunately, I have now lost count of the number of times that my constituents have expressed concerns to me about what they regard as the inadequate funding of the CFA. This is also a situation they tell me has been worsening in the lead-up to the looming introduction on 1 July of the government’s fire services restructure. In such a time-constrained speech, it is impossible for me to adequately relay all those concerns. Nevertheless, I would like to raise one of them in particular here in the Parliament this evening. I have been informed by CFA volunteers at integrated stations that where they have previously been able to adopt a flexible approach to this, they are already now being mandated to take one pumper and a rescue transporter on their call-outs. What this means is that a rescue transporter goes out on every call, even though it is typically only used in around 5 per cent of all cases. They tell me—and have tried to tell those in charge of fire services in Victoria—that it would be much more appropriate to retain flexibility in those arrangements, not least to allow for one pumper and one tanker to be taken on each call so that there is back-up water and another pump immediately available. For the moment I will not comment on the reasons that have been put to me as to why in the lead-up to the United Firefighters Union assuming control of the fire services in July that this is happening, particularly in relation to the way that official response times will be recorded. But I will at least note that, as I understand it, our volunteer brigades after 1 July, and in spite of their concerns, will be left with just two tankers, no pumpers and four breathing apparatus sets. The pumper will also now be regarded as the property of Fire Rescue Victoria and have official markings that designate it that way. The action I seek from the minister is clarification of what, if any, consultation framework is in place to ensure not only that the views of CFA volunteers are heard and understood by the government, but that they are also genuinely reflected in policies and arrangements, including in relation to vehicle deployment, that govern their activities and operations.