Member for Northern Victoria Region

My roots are in the land. I grew up in a small rural community to a farming family. I’ve experienced the sheer beauty and bounty which our country has to offer, and the hardships, floods, bushfires and droughts that test our farmers and communities.

I’ve worked in Western Australia’s remote mining sector, owned and run a business and, before my election to Parliament, was employed in a youth support role with a Victorian not-for-profit organisation helping vulnerable young people and their families in the North East.

I am passionate about my community and it’s safety is my priority. It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child, and I believe that early intervention through education to support children and their families builds stronger families and caring communities.

In my drive for a safer community, I co-founded a grassroots campaign called #ENOUGHISENOUGH in 2016 after two horrific murders in the North East rural city of Wangaratta which is my home. I’ve spent years advocating reforms in our parole, bail and justice systems to government and opposition. I’m also pushing for improvements in justice management to reduce offending among young people.

As your Member for Northern Victorian region, my goal is to make our communities safer, and build opportunity for our families.

The things most precious to us are usually those which are the simplest. For me it’s gardening, snow-skiing, watching my daughter play soccer and being with my beautiful family and beloved border collie. These things keep me grounded and in touch with my values.