Growth strains Wangaratta sewerage

Constituency question

November 18, 2021

Tania MAXWELL (Northern Victoria) (12:49): (1533)

My constituency question today is to the Minister for Water (Hon. Lisa Neville MP), and it is about the pressing need to extend sewerage and water provisions in Wangaratta.

Wangaratta is one of the highest growth areas in the state, with a 23 per cent increase over the year to September 2021. There has been a 45 per cent increase in approvals for water and sewerage connections in the past three years, which has left the north-east water system at capacity.

North East Water will need approximately $200 million to meet the housing needs of Wangaratta in the future, with $50m required in the short term.

Any delay will further affect the existing pressures on affordable housing and rental shortages, so my question is: what urgent support will the government be willing to provide to that development and growth so that we can have a continuation of that development for residents in Wangaratta?

Image: North East Water Wangaratta sewage treatment plant