Notice of Motion- introduction of mandatory sentencing for child sex offenders

I call on the Victorian Government to clarify whether it agrees with the Federal Labor Party’s decision to support the introduction of mandatory minimum sentences for certain child sex offences.

Speech- Coalition amendment

With no warning, the Liberal Party sprung a surprise motion on the Parliament at 9.28am on Thursday for debate (just two minutes later!) at 9.30am. The Liberal Party had multiple opportunities throughout the week, as well as previous weeks and months, to raise this matter for discussion and consideration, and they did not do so. In speaking to the motion, I suggested that, if extra sitting days are needed, they could be scheduled throughout August to December and this would not conflict with existing schedules.

Adjournment - Beechworth CFA

My matter is for the Minister for Emergency Services. I want to raise matters that are of concern, these include lack of firefighting equipment and inadequate resourcing and low morale.

Constituency Question - NEMA funding

My question is to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. I asked the Minister to clarity whether NEMA will receive access to urgently needed and renewed funding and if so, when?

Speech - Notice of Motion: Coalition Ombudsman referral

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party has supported a referral to the Ombusdman of the allegations aired on 60 Minutes and in The Age regarding Ministers misuse of staff and budget entitlements.

Members Statement- Maria Berry: Elder Abuse Awareness Day

On the positive side to this very sombre topic, are the people who dedicate their time to fighting for the rights of the victims of elder abuse.  A great example of this is Maria Berry, from the North East of Victoria, who has spent many years campaigning for the rights of elderly.

Adjournment - Mildura passenger rail

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure. In a sense, it’s a matter that’s more than 25 years in the making – because, quite shamefully, over a quarter of a century has passed since the city of Mildura last had access to a passenger rail service.

Constituency Question - Murray Basin Rail

I asked the Minister for Transport Infrastructure is she could outline when constituents will see the new business case for the Murray Basin Rail Project.

Members Statement- Rescue of William Callaghan

William Callaghan, 14 year old teenager, endured two nights in freezing conditions. Almost 500 people searched around the clock for more than 48 hours until William was found.

Speech- Manslaughter Bill 2020

In Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party we welcome this bill, as is also the case for the families of many victims of the types of crimes at the heart of this bill. Mr Grimley and I are pleased to see this legislation before the Parliament. Like them, we hope that its introduction may ultimately pave the way for the delivery of stronger sentencing decisions in the future for these atrocious offences.

Constituency Question- 2020 impact on Regional tourism

There are many towns in Northern Victoria that are experiencing a devastating, sustained downturn not only because of the bushfires but also the subsequent COVID-19 related decline of business activity.

Adjournment - Who's responsibility is it?

My matter, for the Health Minister, concerns a bizarre (and unacceptable) series of events in relation to the COVID-19 testing of Tim Farmer, a constituent of mine from Sandon.

Speech- Assisted Reproductive Bill 2020

This bill removes from legislation the requirement of a police check for people seeking assisted reproductive treatment.

Members Statement - Move to regional Victoria!

In many workplaces, the pandemic has paved a new way of operating, showing that in many instances you can productively work from anywhere.

Adjourment- Youth Offending

My matter is for the Minister for Youth Justice, following the new youth justice sentencing proposals advanced this week by the Sentencing Advisory Council. We need to establish more measures and supports that deter children from offending.

Question Without Notice- Belt and Road funding of regional projects

My question is to the Minister for Regional Development, Ms Symes. Minister: could you indicate whether any current or past project administered under the auspices of the Regional Development portfolio (or indeed any other project of which you are aware, for that matter, in regional Victoria) has been fully or part-funded as a result of the Government’s Belt and Road agreement with China?  And, if so, which ones?

Speech- Brumby cull motion

I am a lover of horses and have ridden them all my life. I understand the connection that people have with these majestic animals. I believe humane culling should only be done after all other forms of Brumby number management practices in our Alpine region has been fully exhausted.

Constituency Question - Indigo Shire bushfire classification

Indigo Shire needs reclassification as a directly impacted area following the bushfires in order for the many urgently-in need businesses to access the federal government's recovery small business grant program.

We secured an Inquiry into Victoria's Justice System

My motion to refer an inquiry into the justice system has passed the Parliament, and the Legal and Social issues Committee will now undertake the broadest inquiry into the justice system for nearly 30 years.

Adjournment - Bail during COVID-19

I questioned the Attorney-General, following the Government's alterations to bail reporting conditions as a result of COVID-19, with the lifting or easing of previous bail conditions of more than 3000 people.