Constituency question- Avenel Road and Hume Fwy intersection

My question to the Minister for Roads, regarding the increasingly dangerous Avenel Road and Hume Fwy intersection.

Adjournment- Sex Offender

My matter is for the Attorney- General, and it is about a serious sex offender, Christopher William Empey. Empey is on the sex offenders register, having spent 12 years in prison for a rape in 2002 so extreme and violent that it included him stomping on the victim’s head and left her so grievously injured that she even had to learn how to walk and write again.

Constituency Question- Shepparton Court holding cells

My question is to the Attorney-General. It is about a serious sex offender’s failure (because of a lack of any available holding cells) to appear in the Shepparton County Court on 31 January for sentencing over his sexual assaults of three girls under the age of 10.

Adjournment- Tendency Evidence: child abuse

My matter is for the Attorney General. It follows a 26th February article in The Australian newspaper, which reported that an agreement has recently been struck between all Federal, State and Territory Attorneys General to allow juries in child abuse trials to hear evidence of an accused’s prior convictions and interest in children. This evidence has previously only been disclosed in exceptional circumstances – which has meant that the histories of most child abuse perpetrators have remained hidden.

Adjournment- Aroub Arop sentencing

My matter, for the Attorney General, yet again relates to the non-custodial sentencing of those who assault emergency services workers. Among all the instances of non-custodial sentences for these attacks, it’s doubtful there are many clearer examples of the problem than the Aroub Arop case from only two weeks ago.

Constituency Question- Murray Basin Rail

I ask the Minister if she can clarify whether the Government is now only contemplating delivering a significantly modified and abbreviated model rather than the full, original version of the project – given there are now widespread and growing concerns to this effect?

QWON- North East Rail Line

 On 18 February, I addressed a constituency question to Minister Horne specifically about the urgent need for action to fix the atrocious rail line and services between Wodonga and Melbourne. That was just two days before the tragic Wallan derailment.

Constituency question- Mildura & Swan Hill-Family Violence

I asked the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence what extra measures are being implemented specifically in and around Mildura and Swan Hill given the terrible comparative proliferation of family violence incidents in each of these two areas of my electorate?

Members Statement- Seymour Expo

Thank you and congratulations to the Seymour Expo team who worked hard over many months to bring this showcase together. The Expo gave me an opportunity to speak to many, many people about the issues that are important to them.  It is so important to listen to people, to hear their stories and experiences, and adds to the wealth of information I gather to assist me in representing them in this place.

Adjournment- Public Housing & Retirement Village Sector

My matter is for the Minister for Housing and relates to the lack of any requirement for air conditioning in Victorian public housing. This is clearly an especially acute need in many parts of my electorate of Northern Victoria, which are typically some of the State’s hottest areas. The State Government is obliged, by law, to provide public housing tenants with facilities that are, quote, "fit for habitation". The action I seek is for consideration of improvements to these arrangements

Speech- Out of Home Care Bill 2020

I will close by reiterating that we should never, ever lose sight of the fact that there is still an enormous amount of work to do that goes way, way beyond this legislation in the support and development of children, young people and families more generally. I would like to congratulate Ms Patten on her bill, and I would like to commend this bill to the house.

Constituency Question- Black Spur safety

My question, to the Minister for Roads, is again about safety improvements to the Black Spur road in Murrindindi. I asked the Minister if she could make available an itemised list of both the completed upgrades and planned works- and timelines and costs.

Question without Notice- Ambulance response times

I refer, in the Question to the Ambulance Services Minister, to the heartbreaking case of Seymour woman, Gayl Hubbard, who died on 7 October 2019 while waiting for ambulance crews to arrive. Gayl’s husband, Tony, was led to believe by the ESTA worker that an ambulance was imminent, given he could see the ambulance station from his home. The worker told Tony “the ambulance is on its way” repeatedly. Tragically it took 43 minutes by Tony’s call log for an ambulance to arrive.

Adjournment- Mandatory sentencing

I have once again called on the Attorney General to close the loophole for minimum sentencing for assaults on emergency workers. The mandatory sentence applied to a case in January was encouraging but the legislation still needs to be strengthened to ensure greater rights for victims and so that a meaningful deterrent is delivered to offenders.

Constituency Question- North East Rail Line

Since my previous question in Parliament last year, I again asked the Minister for Public Transport, to clarify for the long suffering passengers on the North East Rail Line, whether urgent and extensive improvements will be made, and if so, when?

Adjournment- CFA Fire services

Following the disastrous recent bushfires across the state, I asked the Minister to clarify what, if any, provisions are in place to ensure that CFA Volunteers are heard and understood by the government so that their views are genuinely reflected in policies and arrangements, including in relation to vehicle deployment, that govern their actions and operations.

Constituency Question- Cause of bushfires

I asked the Minister for Police and Emergency Services if she could indicate what information the government possesses about the actual ignition sources of each of the recent bushfires. I asked the Minister if she could state how many separate bushfires began in Northern Victoria Region and in what cases has the ignition source been identified. I asked for further clarification with regards to what percentage of these fires where naturally ignited or ignited by human cause.

Question without Notice- CFA resourcing

CFA volunteer brigades continue to be forced to individually fundraise for their own equipment, including essential operational equipment.

Constituency Question- Internet access & Emergency Notifications

For my constituents and indeed others in regional areas, internet access is often unreliable at the best of times. Let alone in emergency situations, where power and phone coverage is often severely hampered. Being able to successfully click through to the URL is accordingly, in some cases, simply impossible. I therefore ask: why is far more comprehensive, meaningful information not included, in the first instance, in the text message?

Condolence Motion - Victorian Bushfires

It is with great sadness that I stand here today to pay respect to those who lost their lives either whilst performing their duties to save others’ lives and properties or whilst protecting their own homes here in Victoria during what has been a shocking fire season throughout our state. Bushfires have a devastating effect on our land, communities and animals, with the ultimate devastation being the loss of lives.