Adjournment- Contraband in prisons during Covid-19 restrictions

My matter is for the Minister for Corrections. It relates to the the dramatic fall in the amount of contraband that has been entering the State’s prisons during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Constituency question- Ring of steel enforcement

My question is to the Minister for Police. It relates to the Premier’s comment, at his media conference on 13 September, that there will now be greater enforcement of the so-called COVID ‘ring of steel’ administered by Victoria Police to confine movement out of Melbourne only to essential travel.

Members Statement- Kiewa Valley Kindergarten funding

Kiewa Valley Kindergarten was offered a lifeline last week, with the news that the Government has now guaranteed their funding for Terms Two and Three.

Speech- Motion: Improving Rural Public Transport Networks

Issues of transport disadvantage are of great relevance to my constituents in Northern Victoria – and we need to work earnestly together here to tackle them. I should add they are issues that are also of great interest to me at a personal level – especially given my background as a youth worker in our part of the State. The general lack of bus and other transport services has long been a very serious issue in many parts of rural and regional Victoria.

Question without Notice- Child protection during covid

My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Child Protection, and it is about another set of unintended consequences associated with the Government’s coronavirus response.

Constituency question- Super loaded West Gate Tunnel trucks part 2

My question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure and is about the decision to authorise super-loaded trucks to transport West Gate Tunnel infrastructure through Longwood and Locksley. I ask is the Minister prepared to talk first-hand to local representative bodies (such as the Strathbogie Shire Council and the Longwood Action Group) about this decision – and, if so, when will this happen?

Members Statement- Alicia Little

Alicia Little died on 28 December 2017, leaving a heartbroken family including four children. Alicia sustained critical injuries after being crushed against a water tank by the car her fiancé was driving.  Her injuries were horrific and, despite efforts by attending paramedics and police, she did not survive. 

Adjournment- Turning Point, and other drug issues

My matter is for the Minister for Mental Health. It concerns the funding of the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addiction.

Members Statement- Cross border restrictions

Restrictions across the borders into New South Wales and South Australia continue to impact the lives of tens of thousands of people across Northern Victoria. Over the last eight weeks, we’ve seen instances where changes to permits were imposed without 24 hours notice, valid permits were cancelled overnight and health clinicians, students, teachers, farmers, businesses and the general public were left flummoxed and uncertain about their eligibility.

Speech- Extension to State of Emergency

There are many things to say about this Bill. I’ll start simply by pointing out that it will undoubtedly be one of the most important pieces of legislation on which we will be required to vote during this term of Parliament.  Both practically and symbolically. I make that observation because this is a debate that relates not just to a serious public health problem – but also to the very essence of how government should be allowed to function and operate in a democracy. More to the point, it’s a debate that requires us to address questions about the extent to which it is appropriate for governments and public officials to seek to impose their own will over the rights, freedoms and liberties of citizens.

Constituency question- Super loaded West Gate Tunnel trucks

My question is to the Minister for Roads. It is about the Government’s recent decision to authorise super-loaded trucks to transport West Gate Tunnel infrastructure through towns in my electorate (including Longwood and Locksley) at least five times weekly for the next two years.

Question without Notice- Border closures

My question is to the Minister for Health. Minister: the sudden announcement on 6 July of the COVID-related closure of the Victoria-New South Wales border has created chaos ever since, particularly in my electorate of Northern Victoria.

Notice of motion- Failure to attend court

I give notice that, on the next day of meeting, I will move that this House recognises that many Victorians fail to appear when due to attend court; and I note that despite the fact that some of these people who fail to attend are already in custody in prison or on remand, they are still not successfully transported to court. I call on the Government to strengthen its policies and procedures so it is difficult for offenders to refuse to attend court.

Notice of motion- Victims of crime

I give notice that, on the next day of meeting, I will move that this House recognises that people who become a victim of crime due to the murder of a loved family member or friend and that this house endorses the improved support to victim support services such that they may provide ongoing support to victims.

Members Statement- Aged Care

For many residents, loneliness is an increasing issue with no visits from family, no outings, no special guests for singalongs or other activities that bring stimulation and joy to their days. There is no substitute for human contact and many families report to me the stress on both sides of not being able to visit their parent in aged care and the psychological impact of continued lockdown.

Members Statement- Malmsbury disfigurement

Through this Members Statement, I wish to raise my concerns about a recent incident, and the fallout from that incident, at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre in my electorate. Reportedly, this was also the latest in a series of around 30 serious assaults committed against staff and other inmates by this same offender. This elicits a number of questions, one being, what the implications are for the Government’s minimum sentencing laws for attacks on staff at Youth Justice Centres and other emergency workers.

Members Statement- Border closure difficulties and anomalies

Today, I want to talk more specifically about some of the (many) everyday difficulties and anomalies it has generated. Among these are the innumerable problems associated with obtaining (and retaining) permits, especially for health professionals. Confusion likewise reigns for students and their families and, especially cruelly, for people trying to care for loved ones, including those with terminal illnesses and those going through pregnancy. The people of Northern Victoria are experiencing ridiculously bureaucratic, illogical and unequal treatment.

Members Statement- Border restrictions and the terminally ill

The border restrictions imposed by the New South Wales Government continue to deliver personal and traumatic impacts to residents in Northern Victoria, denying people access to work, services and family. These communities have low - and in some cases no - cases of coronavirus, and the restrictions are completely disproportionate to the risk, serving absolutely no purpose than to delivery misery to families already under enormous stress.

Adjournment- Coronavirus changes to court and bail arrangements

My matter is for the Attorney-General. Through it, I again want to express the concerns of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party about the changes during the coronavirus period to court processes, and bail arrangements and conditions. Through this adjournment matter, the action I seek is that the Attorney provide me with key statistics reflecting the practical impact of these various changes.

Adjournment- Suppression orders

My adjournment matter is for the Attorney-General. It concerns the serial, continued use of suppression orders by Victorian courts. People are entitled to expect that the principles of transparency and openness will always be fundamental to the conduct of court cases in Victoria. The action I seek from the Attorney-General is that she provide an explanation of what remedies will be pursued by the Government in order to overcome the over-use of suppression orders and the courts’ failure to correctly notify the public about them in many cases.