Adjourment- Youth Offending

My matter is for the Minister for Youth Justice, following the new youth justice sentencing proposals advanced this week by the Sentencing Advisory Council. We need to establish more measures and supports that deter children from offending.

Question Without Notice- Belt and Road funding of regional projects

My question is to the Minister for Regional Development, Ms Symes. Minister: could you indicate whether any current or past project administered under the auspices of the Regional Development portfolio (or indeed any other project of which you are aware, for that matter, in regional Victoria) has been fully or part-funded as a result of the Government’s Belt and Road agreement with China?  And, if so, which ones?

Speech- Brumby cull motion

I am a lover of horses and have ridden them all my life. I understand the connection that people have with these majestic animals. I believe humane culling should only be done after all other forms of Brumby number management practices in our Alpine region has been fully exhausted.

Constituency Question - Indigo Shire bushfire classification

Indigo Shire needs reclassification as a directly impacted area following the bushfires in order for the many urgently-in need businesses to access the federal government's recovery small business grant program.

We secured an Inquiry into Victoria's Justice System

My motion to refer an inquiry into the justice system has passed the Parliament, and the Legal and Social issues Committee will now undertake the broadest inquiry into the justice system for nearly 30 years.

Adjournment - Bail during COVID-19

I questioned the Attorney-General, following the Government's alterations to bail reporting conditions as a result of COVID-19, with the lifting or easing of previous bail conditions of more than 3000 people.

Constituency Question - Flexible regional COVID-19 response

I asked the Regional Development Minister whether serious consideration has been given to a more flexible region by region model of restrictions.

Statement- Condolence Motion

I would like to send my sincere condolences to the families of the four serving Victoria Police members who tragically lost their lives in the horrific accident on the Eastern Freeway. To all members of Victoria Police, I thank you for your courage, strength and determination to do your job each, and every, day.  You are extremely valuable members of our society who protect us each and every day as you selflessly attend your job to keep us safe.

Member's Statement- Student disengagement during Covid-19 pandemic

During the current pandemic, there has been an overwhelming focus on whether schools should physically remain open or not. I am therefore concerned that a number of important, underlying problems in education policy are potentially being overlooked. One of those is the need to mitigate the substantially elevated risk of student disengagement in these changed circumstances for teaching and learning.

Constituency question- Recently released sex offender

My constituency question is for the Attorney-General. It follows numerous concerns raised with me by constituents in Beechworth about the whereabouts of a recently-released sex offender. I ask the Attorney-General to clarify under what circumstances or conditions someone previously convicted of sexually assaulting 16 young boys would be free to live within close proximity of a school, to change their name and to work where children are present?

Constituency Question- Illegal tobacco

My matter, for the Police Minister, is about the worsening problems in the illegal supply and sale of tobacco in Northern Victoria.

Members Statement- Corryong Sensory Play

Play is fundamental to the development of children and there is widespread evidence that play is an effective change agent. Sensory play equipment is known to be very successful in supporting children with special needs, including development of problem-solving skills and self-confidence for children who are on the spectrum, ODD, ASD and with other needs.

Adjournment- K9TEACH Pet therapy funding

My Adjournment matter for the Minister of Education, requesting further funding for K9TEACH Pet Therapy.

Constituency Question- Delivery of bushfire community grants

My question is to the Minister for Emergency Services. Whilst obviously pleased the Government is providing various forms of assistance for those most affected by the State’s terrible recent bushfires (including in my electorate), I am also disturbed that some of the grants following previous bushfires have still not been correctly delivered.

Adjournment- Drug rehabilitation upon prison release

My adjournment matter for the Minister for Corrections relates to the impact of drug use and the disconnects between our justice and health systems in terms or resourcing for drug rehabilitation programs.

Child abuse tendency evidence

I moved a motion in Parliament to expand evidence and make sex offenders' histories known to Juries. We should follow the lead of other states and expand the range of evidence admissible to juries.

Constituency Question- Bushfire infrastructure for Councils

I ask the Treasurer if he could supply, for each year from 2014-15 inclusive, the total dollar amounts collected from the Fire Services Levy from all of the councils in my electorate – and, for those same years, how much (in total dollar amounts) they have received from the State Government specifically to upgrade bushfire-related infrastructure.

Question without Notice- Myrtleford Ambulance response time

My question is to the Minister for Ambulance Services and relates to an case in Myrtleford of yet another slow ambulance response time. I ask the Minister what actions are being undertaken to improve ambulance resourcing and response times in regional areas.

Speech- Road Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

I rise this evening to speak on the Road Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019. On an ongoing basis Mr Grimley and I, and of course Derryn Hinch before us, have worked with many stakeholders and other interested parties on the possibility of these kinds of changes to existing laws.

Members Statement- International Women's Day 2020

This Sunday 8th March marks a day to pay homage to women as we acknowledge International Women’s day. A dedicated day when women have the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of other women whom they respect; are influenced by; have friendships with; or to simply reflect on their own achievements throughout the year.