Adjournment – Trauma informed practice in teaching

My matter is for the Minister for Education. Through it, I seek information about what is currently being done to improve trauma-informed practice in teaching in Victoria.

Constituency Question – Mernda Health and Wellbeing Hub

My question is to the Health Minister. The northern Melbourne suburb of Mernda, in my electorate, has experienced very rapid recent population growth as part of a projected 114% increase in its resident numbers between 2013 and 2038.

QWON- Prison numbers plunge

My question, to the Minister representing the Attorney-General, follows last week’s release of the latest ABS ‘Prisoners in Australia’ data. Those figures show that – during 2020 – there has been an almost 12% plunge in the number of people in Victorian jails.

Members Statement- Northern Victoria Award Winners

There are great people achieving great things in my electorate of Northern Victoria and today I want to acknowledge some of them.

Adjournment-Youth justice spending and evaluations

My matter is for the Minister for Youth Justice. It relates to her media release of 16 September in which she announced the commencement of a pilot program through which youth justice detainees would be (quote) “taught how to manage conflict and interpersonal relationships in custody”.

Speech- Statement on Petition

Thank you, I rise to speak on the petition I tabled yesterday following the stalking-related murder, three weeks ago, of 23 year old Celeste Manno at her Mernda home.  Celeste’s death is another devastating case, among far too many recently in Victoria, of a woman taken absolutely senselessly from our society.

Constituency Question- Kinglake West CFA

My question is to the Emergency Services Minister. Several years ago, Kinglake West was among a selected group of stations to have installed by EMV what they believed would be a dual fire and community alerting siren.

Adjournment- Cherry Creek Youth Justice Project

My matter is for the Minister for Industry Support and Recovery. I raise the matter following some recent emails that I have received from a tenderer for the supply of building products on a significant current project stating that the new youth justice facility being built at Cherry Creek, certain opportunities for participation have not been afforded to Victorian manufacturing and/or construction companies.

Members Statement – Luke Chilchott

I congratulate Luke Chilcott from Wangaratta on receiving a gold medal of bravery by The Royal Humane Society of Australasia, presented by the Victorian Governor.

Constituency Question- Deterioration of ambulance services

My question is to the Ambulance Services Minister, and follows an 18 November Herald Sun article. That article contained commentary from Ambulance Victoria insiders and the ambulance union about dangerous, life-threatening increases in ambulance response times and worsening shortages in the availability of suitable responders, with very specific reference to the Loddon Mallee region in my electorate.

Adjournment – Stalking orders

My matter is for the Attorney-General. It follows the horrifying news of the death of Celeste Manno on 16 November. It has been widely reported that Ms Manno was killed in what was the evil culmination of a former co-worker’s long and sustained campaign of stalking of her.

Adjournment – Taxing victims of crime

My matter is for the Minister for Victim Support. It concerns an issue to which my attention has been drawn recently by a close contact of mine whose son is a victim of crime. This friend has told me that victims of crime must officially declare any amount of money that is received by them through interest on funds held for them in court.  In other words, this money is taxable under current law.

Constituency Question – Beechworth Sex Offender

This constituency question was previously asked of the Attorney-General in April, but she has advised me this week that it should be re-directed to the Minister for Corrections. It follows numerous concerns raised with me by constituents in Beechworth about a recently-released sex offender.

Members Statement- BlazeAid

Blaze Aid was borne out of the ashes of Black Saturday 2009. They are a charity which assists farmers across Australia.

Constituency question- Living Learning program

My question, to the Minister for Youth, follows a 26 October media release announcing the establishment of a new $15 million program, called Living Learning. This program is targeted at young people who have become disengaged from school and are living with mental health conditions – supplying them with additional support to complete their schooling.

Question without Notice- Illegal tobacco

My question is to the Minister for Local Government, Minister Leane. The many problems associated with illicit tobacco retailing are rapidly becoming even more significant in Victoria, particularly for many law abiding small businesses.

Members statement- Queen Elizabeth Centre

The Queen Elizabeth Centre is highly respected for their delivery of early parenting support services. QEC is possibly best known for its ‘sleep school’ – the residential program that has proven a lifeline for thousands of families experiencing sleepless nights.

Adjournment- Revision of attempted murder charge

My matter is for the Attorney-General. It is about some practical problems associated with laws of attempted crime in Victoria. More specifically, it is about the ongoing difficulty for prosecutors in successfully proving the charge of attempted murder.

Constituency question- Relocation incentives for mental health sector

My question is to the Minister for Mental Health. As the Minister would know, Northern Victoria experiences some of the worst shortages in our State for mental health professionals and I would like to ask the Minister if financial incentives for the regional relocation of specialists in the mental health sector might also now be made available by the Government?

Adjournment- Child reunification

My matter, for the Minister for Child Protection, relates to child reunification issues. As everyone here will know, we debated a Bill a few weeks ago that included some very worthwhile changes – in a COVID-related context – to the normal two-year limits on the arrangements for re-unifying parents with children in out-of-home care.