17 June 2020

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party has supported a referral to the Ombusdman of the allegations aired on 60 Minutes and in The Age regarding Ministers misuse of staff and budget entitlements, including former Minister for Local Government Adem Somyurek.

Tania Maxwell MP expressed her revulsion at the revelations aired on the 60 Minutes program, and said that political misconduct degraded the basic purpose of parliamentary work.

Ms Maxwell said that she shared the disgust of many Victorians at the language used by Mr Somyurek about women and the LGBTQI community.

Ms Maxwell said that it was appropriate for the Ombudsman to investigate the serious and wide-ranging allegations and hopes such an investigation will bring full transparency to the alleged misconduct exposed in the media reports.

Quotes attributed to Tania Maxwell MP:

“Being a Member of Parliament is not about building personal power and empires, it’s to represent and selflessly advance the views of others.”

“These are incredibly serious and wide-ranging allegations and matters that go straight to the heart of Victorian democracy.”

“The people of Victoria are owed nothing less here than full transparency and accountability.”