3 September 2020

Tania Maxwell MP has asked the Minister for Transport Infrastructure to talk first-hand with Strathbogie Shire Council and resident groups about the super-loads due to run through regional towns over the next two years.

The Victorian Government has authorised super-loaded trucks with infrastructure for the West Gate Tunnel project through Longwood and Locksley at least five times a week, with some loads rumoured to approach 225 tonnes.

The loads are too big to transport by rail and too heavy to cross the Pranjip Creek Bridge on the Hume Freeway, so will detour through the smaller towns.

Ms Maxwell said the community is disappointed with the lack of consultation and engagement, and that the Strathbogie Shire, community groups and residents had reasonable questions about who would take responsibility to pay for the cost of maintaining and repairing the roads.

Strathbogie Shire has reached out to the Government and Department of Transport but is yet to receive answers or a commitment from the Government to engage with the community.

Quotes attributable to Tania Maxwell MP:

 These massive loads will undoubtedly cause huge damage to the roads and the community is right to seek assurances from the Government that they won’t be left with the financial burden of maintaining and repairing the roads.”

“I’ve asked the Minister for Transport Infrastructure to engage with local representative bodies, such as the Longwood Action Group and of course the Strathbogie Shire, and work through these important issues.”