23rd April 2020

I would like to send my sincere condolences to the families of the four serving Victoria Police members who tragically lost their lives last night in the horrific accident on the Eastern Freeway.

My thoughts are not only with their families and friends, but with all members of the Victorian Police Force, particularly those who were required to attend the scene of the tragedy.

To the Major Collision Investigation Unit, my thoughts are with you all.  This must be an incredibly difficult time for you to be required to investigate the deaths of your own members.

This will be extremely traumatising for all concerned.  I hope that the relevant supports are available at this time to provide ongoing counselling, or whatever both families and members of Victoria Police need, to get through this horrendous tragedy.

To all members of Victoria Police, I thank you for your courage, strength and determination to do your job each, and every, day.  You are extremely valuable members of our society who protect us each and every day as you selflessly attend your job to keep us safe.

Tania Maxwell MP

Member for Northern Victoria