My question is to the Minister representing the Attorney-General.

It follows the recent sentencing of double murderer Ross Konidaris for a new crime spree he committed in 2019 while he was granted unsupervised leave from Thomas Embling Hospital.

The news that someone as dangerous as Konidaris should be on unsupervised leave of any kind has understandably horrified many people in the community, including relatives of the two people he killed in 2012.  It has also prompted considerable concern from the Victorian Victims of Crime Commissioner, Fiona McCormack.

Minister, in light of these developments, I ask: what data is kept by the Government and its agencies about how many individuals are being released on unsupervised leave from Thomas Embling Hospital – and where can the Victorian public view this data?


The Attorney-General was reported recently as saying the supervision and management of those at Thomas Embling Hospital would be improved by the changes in the Government’s Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Amendment Bill 2020.

However, without in any way seeking to anticipate debate … that Bill is at least three weeks’ away from being passed here.  Even if it is passed, there will also presumably be a further transitional period before it would take practical effect.

My question, therefore, is what actions (if any) will be taken by the Government in the interim to urgently ensure there are no further instances of highly dangerous criminals being allowed leave (especially unsupervised leave) from Thomas Embling?