My question is to the Minister for Health, Minister Mikakos. Will the minister advise this house of the criteria on which the government prioritises hospital upgrades? As part of the answer, could she clarify what level of due diligence the government typically performs in making its funding decisions on hospital upgrades and whether it is compulsory each time for a specific documentation to be prepared, such as a master plan, business case or any other kind of cost-benefit analysis?

Thank you, Minister, for that answer. Given that answer, I am very thankful and grateful for the aspirations and considerations that are given to the health sector. I also refer the minister to the long ongoing wait that the Swan Hill hospital has endured for funding for upgrades, behind many other hospitals. As the minister would know, many parts of the Swan Hill site are no longer fit for purpose. The local community has also been told they must wait for yet another master plan to be devised, yet this is at least the fourth master plan since major capital works were last performed. Accordingly I ask as my supplementary: in keeping with the criteria and standards which the minister outlined in her first answer, when can the people of the Swan Hill region expect that funding for a redeveloped or new local public hospital and when will that finally be prioritised by the government?