My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Corrections.

On 16 September, in this Parliament, I aired a series of revelations about the (scandalous) situation at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre that high-speed internet access had become frequently and widely available to detainees.

Among many other consequences, this had, disgracefully, allowed dozens of detainees to regularly download and view pornographic material, including on their expensive, personal, taxpayer-funded laptops.

Reporting in the Herald Sun has subsequently confirmed those revelations were correct, as well as uncovered further issues associated with the detainees’ use of social media.

Minister: I ask what actions have been taken, and when, in response to these extremely disturbing events concerning the widespread availability of
high-speed internet connections to Malmsbury inmates – including to guard against anything similar being allowed to occur again?


Minister: on 19 September, the Herald Sun’s Suzan Delibasic reported that many of the youths at Malmsbury were also gaining routine access to mobile phones multiple times each day.  In the process, they have apparently been able to use those devices to openly discuss and plan future crimes, such as burglaries and assaults.

In its response to that article, the Department of Justice said it had referred these issues to Victoria Police and the Youth Parole Board.

Minister: can you explain what practical actions have been taken, in the three weeks since the article was published, specifically as a result of those referrals?