My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Ambulance Services.

It follows revelations aired earlier this month by 7News that, incredibly, a desire to prevent people’s movement and contact during COVID had caused Ambulance Victoria to deactivate the GoodSAM smartphone app.  This is the app used to connect community responders to cardiac arrest patients in the first critical minutes while paramedics are still travelling to the scene.

Minister: I have often been advised by former Minister Mikakos and Ambulance Victoria about the importance of GoodSAM in saving lives, including in trying to mitigate the often far-slower ambulance response times for people in rural and regional Victoria.

I therefore ask: by whom, and on what date, was this decision to deactivate the GoodSAM app made?


Minister: can you tell me how many Victorians, during the 2020 calendar year,  have died from cardiac arrests after a call has been made to request an ambulance for them?

And, more specifically, how many of these have occurred since the GoodSAM app has been switched off?