Question without Notice- Black Spur

My question is to the Minister for Roads, Ms Pulford. It follows her Ministerial Statement yesterday, and previous Question Time exchanges between us on 18 June and 13 August, about accidents and safety issues on the Black Spur road in Murrindindi.  As well as the possible development of an alternative route to it.  I obviously thank her for the range of road improvements announced in her statement yesterday – and ask, as my question today, if she could clarify whether any decisions have also been made by the Government on three other critical issues for local people.  Namely, the installation of information signage at Buxton; the small size and lack of advance notification of pullover areas; and whether the Government now has a preferred model and/or location in mind for the possible alternative route?

SUPPLEMENTARY: In relation specifically to the possible creation of an alternative route, I ask the Minister if the Government has reached any decision (and, if so, what decision) about whether it might fund and/or assist in any other way with the development of a feasibility study into that outcome?