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Edition # 48: Jul 1, 2022

Mental impairment’ reform goes to Premier. Child sex abuse victims battle for recognition. Forty-seven years after Terry Floyd disappeared. Government cuts drug abuse help in ‘ice nation’. Is this a job for you? Bills in Parliament.

Edition # 47: Jun 17, 2022

Mental impairment leaves victims traumatised. Community paramedics boost home care. Making Parliament a safer workplace. Putting Murray Basin Rail back on track. Bills in Parliament. Nurse-on-call.

Edition # 46: Jun 3, 2022

Victims’ full expectations yet to be met. Optons available to fix triple zero. Fair and equal compensation for firefighters. Battle for Hanging Rock talks. Strathbogie wants reliable energy. Spell out on-the-beat budget benefits. Healing music yields 33,000 notes. Bills in Parliament.

Edition # 45: May 20, 2022

Better border health – taking hospital call to Parliament. Care leavers deserve redress. Ambulance performance almost two minutes more than a year ago. Budget boosts community safety, security. Accused hit-and-run drivers lose keys. Pitching an oar-some Games addition. Bills in Parliament.

Edition # 44: April 14, 2022

Stalking is a crime. Stalker screening trial underway. Victims remembered in railway bill debate. It’s just not cricket at Hanging Rock. Helping people experiencing family violence. Bills in Parliament.

Edition # 43: April 2, 2022

A fairer, kinder, safer justice system. Parliament out of step with community on workplace safety. Optons at wokr can speed emergency response. Six years on, victim safeguards to become law. Local work in Parliament. Bills in Parliament.

Edition # 42: Mar 18, 2022

Party changes victim protection law. Unanimous support to change victim help. Continuing cry for mental help. Local work in Parliament. Next week in Parliament. The Mallee’s artful heart. 

Edition # 41: Mar 4, 2022

Stronger law protects family violence victims. Standing for justice. Actions should follow national plan to end violence. Road safety funding approved. Next week in Parliament (Mar 8-10, 2022). Working for a better ambulance service. Shelter costs dog Campaspe ratepayers. Nurse-on-call contact points.

Edition # 40: Feb 18, 2022

Victim rights amendments become law. Government should explain ambulance roster delay. Pushing for seamless cross-border bushfire communications. Mildura, Bright, Wodonga and Wangaratta projects top $77m budget submission. Last week in Parliament (Feb 8-10). Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party backs COVID-19 impact inquiry. Nurse-on-call contact points.

Edition # 39: Dec 10, 2021

Equalling the opportunity for scrutiny. Damning cross-border permit system report. The power of experience – coercive control. Collaborating on career steps in Wodonga and Wangaratta. Steaming ahead in Echuca and Moama. Calling out gender-based violence.

Edition # 38: Nov 26, 2021

Coercive control – breaking the invisible chain. Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party moves to cement victim rights. Time to back the track. Bills in Parliament. Winging on ‘Memory Lane’. Autism fundraiser – Mansfield’s champion cause. Nurse-on-call contact.

Edition # 37: Nov 5, 2021

We oppose Labor’s pandemic management bill. Older people assault demands swift response. Women firefighters deserve compensation equality. Illicit tobacco review now underway in Victoria. Wangaratta digital hub steps up to vax verification demand. Mildura needs a drug court. Bills in Parliament. Remembrance Day 2021.

Edition # 36: Oct 22, 2021

In our communities – Alpine Health steps towards redevelopment goal. Give Northern Victoria tourism a head start. My work in Parliament – Seymour petitions for on-call ambulance comeback. Family violence offences jump 18 per cent. Regional media deserves recovery support. New native timber laws make little sense. 

Edition # 35: Sep 23, 2021

Moving beyond ‘lockdown lite’: places without cases deserve responsibility rewards. Resourcing regional paramedic demand. Testing more drug-drivers will save more lives. Making sure parole extends beyond our border. Trauma trading could transform learning.

Edition # 34: Aug 13, 2021

Traffic light system points way out of lockdown. Revamping ambulance ramping. Case back-log a big cost to justice. Passport cancellations disrupt paedophile traffic. Look to local initiatives on homelessness.

Edition # 33: Jul 1, 2021

Witnesses present in Wangaratta at criminal justice inquiry. Places without cases still wear lockdown pain. Stalking inquiry open for submissions. Sex offenders in schools must be monitored. Hit-and-run driving laws need hard fix.

Edition # 32: Jun 17, 2021

Places without cases need a green light. Gyms, event organisers out in the cold. Rural transport projects overlooked in money bills. Criminal justice inquiry submissions extended to September 1. Awards recognise Northern Victorians’ service.

Edition # 31: Jun 3, 2021

Criminal justice inquiry extended. Victims’ assistance fix critical. Ambulance response needs rapid reform. Shepparton addiction service needs support. Victims’ Legal Service a Victorian first. Adolescent violence and mental health support vital.

Edition # 30: May 12, 2021

Make sure criminal justice inquiry hears your voice. Government must nail bushfire housing fix. State can do more to close digital black spots. Time to extend rural patient travel help. Elmore and Rochester Yalukang digs new ground.

Edition # 29: Mar 23, 2021

Edition # 28: Mar 11, 2021

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