Yarrunga Primary School is a place of Big Ideas, Dreams and Wonderings.  It’s a school where the curriculum is delivered a bit differently, and with solid results so far.  Students have a say in what they want to learn about – things that make them curious, that make them question and wonder.  This style of engagement and integrating their wonderings into the curriculum has improved student attendance, behaviour and results.  Students have improved their literacy and numeracy through researching areas that appeal to them – including billy carts, space, how to build a town and ‘what comes first, the chicken or the egg?’ As part of the whole school unit of learning about the history of Wangaratta, Yarrunga Primary School partnered with the Wangaratta Art Gallery to create an exhibition of Grade One and Two artworks.  The exhibition explored Yarrunga’s indigenous links, settlement history and connection to the textile industry which has been a significant employer in the region and to the families of Yarrunga.

With a focus on enabling students to be Art Dreamers, the students told stories about themselves, to self-reflect and to participate in a community event.  The Fabric of Yarrunga exhibition is a beautiful collection of student work, with pieces that will make you smile, that will make you think, and make you appreciate the talent of these young people.

Congratulations to Yarrunga Primary School students in Grade One and Two and thank you for sharing your artwork with Wangaratta and its visitors.  I encourage everyone to visit the exhibition before it closes on 8th December. I applaud Fran Waterman and the team at Yarrunga Primary School for encouraging these students to explore their own potential.