Yesterday I spoke in this place about the great community response in Kilmore to coronavirus cases in their town, with people diligently coming forward to get testing, self-isolating and working together to contain the spread.

I turn my attention to another region in my electorate facing a similar, perhaps greater challenge, in Shepparton.  Residents turned out in significant numbers yesterday, gathering in numbers far greater than 20 mind you. They stood for hours in the heat, including children and older people, to get tested and hundreds were turned away because the infrastructure and capacity to respond to the numbers was not there.

Our local health services are, and will, continue their magnificent efforts in responding as best they can.  But to the Government I say, there has to be a better way.  We need greater capability for people to register by phone or online, to be allocated a testing time that would streamline the process. When you put out the call for people to come forward, the capacity must be provided to meet the demand.