Members Statement- Seymour Expo

It was wonderful to be at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo last week and meet so many people from across my electorate of Northern Victoria, who converged on Seymour over three busy days. Seymour Expo attracts about 20,000 people and is a great event for the local economy, and provides an opportunity for people to gather and explore the vast array of exhibits. The Expo, of course, largely focuses on agriculture exhibits, which were so diverse and displayed how the agriculture sector supports so many jobs as it links across the supply chain, but there were also other displays of interest.

Thank you and congratulations to the Seymour Expo team who worked hard over many months to bring this showcase together. The Expo gave me an opportunity to speak to many, many people about the issues that are important to them.  It is so important to listen to people, to hear their stories and experiences, and adds to the wealth of information I gather to assist me in representing them in this place.