We all breathed a sign of relief last week at the news that teenager William Callaghan was found alive after going missing in thick bushland at Mt Disappointment.

14 year old William endured two nights in freezing conditions and there is no doubt he, and his family, have been through an enormous ordeal.

Almost 500 people, including Police Search and Rescue Squad, the air wing with thermal imagine, canine and motorbike units, the mounted brigade, SES, CFA, Search Rescue Dogs Australia and volunteers from the area and beyond worked together and searched around the clock for more than 48 hours until William was found.

The incredible efforts of the search teams included creative methods to try and connect with William through his favourite music and the smell of his favourite foods. Local volunteer Ben Gibbs, who found William was equally caring and sensitive to his special needs.

In the words of William’s mother, Penny Callaghan, when addressing the search teams, “you are all amazing”.