Kiewa Valley Kindergarten was offered a lifeline last week, with the news that the Government has now guaranteed their funding for Terms Two and Three.

Jane, Tamara and Hayley Elkington run Tangambalanga’s only kindergarten, educating 58 children across 4-year-old and 3-year-old programs. Kiewa Valley Kindergarten was under threat of closure after a loophole meant they were not eligible for the Victorian Government’s much publicised ‘free kinder’ funding.

The Elkington family started a petition, which I sponsored, and to date it has 252 signatures from local families. I wrote to the Minister for Education and asked that they reconsider the funding for this important service to be able to continue to provide education for the children of Tangambalanga.

Without the change of heart, the kindergarten would likely have closed and left Tangambalanga without this valuable service, and so I thank the Government for listening to reason and providing an exemption to this deserving kindergarten and the families who rely on this educational facility.