The Galen Catholic College VEX team had a very exciting experience on the 8th of October, representing Australia in the inaugural Kibo Robotic Programming Challenge at the Japanese Space Agency.

8 international teams met online with former JAXA astronauts for the live event managed at JAXA’s mission control.  Each team’s approved codes were sent up to the International Space Station to program the NASA’s Astrobee robot through a series of challenges.

The Galen VEX Team includes Alumni Rutvik Chaudhary, year 11 students Mitchell Hobbs and Ryan Falconer, and year 10 student Jorja O’Connor.  Under the dedicated guidance of teachers Maree Timms and Brett Webber, these incredible young minds from regional Victoria, in representing Australia on the international space stage, are an inspiration to us all. Even the sky is not the limit -anything is possible!