I add my voice today to the nearly 37,000 petitioners calling for retailer ‘Etsy’ to stop facilitating the sale of child-abuse themed merchandise through its online platform.

Retailers have conveyed stories of pulling their products from this site after it was discovered child-like sex dolls were being sold through Etsy online.

As Melinda Tankard-Reist of Collective Shout quite rightly says, “child sexual abuse and incest are not fashion symbols to be turned into products and sold for profit”. I thank Melinda for her many years of work advocating for the removal of this abhorrent paraphernalia.

This material is not only highly inappropriate, it is completely unacceptable how it can be purchased through any platform, whether that be online or in retail outlets.

I thank Anna Cordell for starting this petition and I encourage others to go online and support her cause.