Play is fundamental to the development of children and there is widespread evidence that play is an effective change agent.  Sensory play equipment is known to be very successful in supporting children with special needs, including development of problem-solving skills and self-confidence for children who are on the spectrum, ODD, ASD and with other needs.

Corryong and its surrounding communities have endured much this summer.  These communities, being geographically isolated, are very used to working together, supporting each other and sharing resources.

32.7% of shire families in this region live with disability.  There is a common lack of access for students with need including access to specialised staff and specialist therapies.

Corryong College needs a dedicated sensory play space to support and challenge these students of need.  The benefit will be widespread, because they will be able to share access to the equipment for the benefit of surrounding schools.

A $200,000 investment will provide essential equipment to support these children who already face challenges every day to learn.  When you overlay the very real impact of the trauma of bushfire on the trajectory of their education and functional development, this seems a small amount to deliver very real assistance.