BlazeAid was borne out of the ashes of Black Saturday 2009. They are a charity which assists farmers across Australia.

Hundreds of BlazeAid volunteers who have worked diligently since January to assist fire-affected residents across the Towong Shire following the devastating bushfires experienced last summer.  Following the easing of restrictions recently, in a period of just one month, 29 volunteers cleared 6.9km of burnt fences and constructed 10km of new fencing, using 2397 star pickets.  The Towong Shire has estimated that there is 69.5km of fencing still to be re-rebuilt.

On 12 November, BlazeAid released their official documentary. ‘Spreading Like Wildfire’ which tells stories from the camps and fence lines.  While the documentary focuses on a BlazeAid camp in South Australia, the story of the commitment and care of volunteers has been replicated across our burnt lands.

During the coronavirus pandemic, BlazeAid has offered food and board in return for fencing work. This has helped backpackers caught up in the pandemic and allowed BlazeAid to keep its camps running and continue essential rebuilding.

I thank and commend BlazeAid for their continued commitment to fire-affected communities.