It was my sincere pleasure to recently launch the book Facing Maria on behalf of author Maria Hutchison, who is in the gallery with us here today. Maria’s life has been marked by periods of trauma, abuse, oppression and addiction. From this dark place Maria has emerged as a woman of courage, conviction and inspiration. No longer a victim, she is a survivor facing life with optimism, grace and gratitude. Maria dedicates her life to working with others who struggle with addiction and trauma. I feel the best way to speak about Maria is not to use my own words but to share with you some words from her book: It is my desire that we all might know freedom to be our authentic, genuine and unique selves. I share this story of my journey, trusting that this book will leave you knowing without a doubt that this is not only possible but also a fantastic place to be. I would like to say that Maria’s journey has been one that has never been easy, and the fact that she is now willing to devote her time to other people to help them through their journey is to be absolutely admired. I have many thanks for her in doing that. Her support for other people is so genuine. She never, ever complains or sees herself as a victim. I thank you, Maria, for your journey and for helping others.